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Replacing a track file

DISCO makes it easy to replace audio files. The replace file feature is handy if you receive a new mix or master, say, or there's an issue with an existing audio file.

How to replace an audio file

To replace an audio file, just click 'Manage formats' from the track menu: 

This will open a pop up with the available formats for that track, and the option to replace a track format: 

Click 'Replace' on the format you'd like to replace, and then add the file in the box that appears: 

You'll get a confirmation message when it's done:

Replacing a lossless file (wav or aiff)

If you replace a wav or aiff file, you'll see an option in the upload field to 'Create a new mp3 copy of this track to replace existing mp3': 

If you check this box, DISCO will create an mp3 copy of the wav or aiff you're uploading and replace the mp3 copy of the file that's currently there. Uncheck this box if you'd prefer to keep the existing mp3.