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I uploaded a WAV but most of the metadata is gone. What gives?

When you upload a WAV into DISCO, it will come up with 'Untitled artist' in the artist metadata field, and 'Untitled album' in the album field:

This is an unfortunate by-product of how WAVs work as a format.

Metadata doesn't travel with WAVs like it does with other formats, like mp3. So even if you attach metadata to a WAV in a program like iTunes, when you open it somewhere else, like DISCO, only the title field will be populated. 

Adding metadata in DISCO

No matter, though: just add the metadata you need in DISCO. You can edit the metadata for a single track via the 'Edit metadata and comments' option in the track menu.

If you'd like add metadata for multiple tracks at once, just save the playlist and then edit the metadata in the Explorer using the Edit Multiple link: