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Your metadata in DISCO

When you upload tracks to DISCO, DISCO reads every metadata field on the track, and displays the following fields and their metadata in the app: 

Viewing and accessing metadata

You can view metadata for any track simply by hovering over the info icon on the track: 

You can view and edit the full metadata for any track by clicking the View full track info link in the info hover window, or by clicking the hamburger menu for any track and selecting Edit track information:

This will open a pop up where you can view and update all your metadata, including lyrics, as well as DISCO comments and writer splits

By default, the title, artist and album are shown. To display the other metadata fields, click the +More link in the pop up: 

Searching metadata

You can search any metadata in the key fields listed above. Any metadata you add or update will be instantly searchable.

You can also refine your search by field by clicking in the top search field, and selecting Advanced search. Next to 'All metadata', choose the metadata field you want to search in, and then enter your search term in the next field: 

You can add multiple filters to your search by clicking the '+ add another filter' link next to your filters. For numerical metadata fields like year and BPM, you can choose a number of values, including 'is before', 'is after' and 'is between' for year, and 'is between', 'is less than' and 'is more than' for BPM. 

Metadata on your downloaded files

DISCO outputs all the metadata you can see on your files in DISCO, with the exception of PRO number, which doesn't have a matching id3 field, and DISCO comments. 

If your files contain metadata in id3 fields that we don't display, we still store this metadata and write it to the files when downloaded.