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Sharing playlists

Sharing music with DISCO is a breeze. The easiest way to share music with DISCO is to create a playlist. 

Sharing using DISCO share

When you save a playlist in DISCO, you'll get an option to share the playlist: 

You can share this playlist in two ways: 

1. Using DISCO's built in share function

2. By copying the link and sending it yourself.

To use DISCO's share function, click 'Share this playlist'. This will open a share pop up. 

Enter the emails of people you want to share with. (You can also send to email groups and other DISCOs; more on these below). DISCO will bring up suggestions for you once you type in a few characters:


The  icon means a person, which can be either a non-DISCO user or a DISCO user. 

The   icon means a DISCO team inbox (a general inbox for a DISCO account). 

The  icon means a group of users you've set up. 

To add users, select them from the drop down, and then click add group/business/user: 

Once you've got your recipients all set, add a message if you like, and then click the green send button and you're away. 

Once you send your playlist, you'll see a 'Share URL': this is the URL your end user will see, including any messages you sent: 

Your recipients will be notified via email, and you'll also get a confirmation email. 

Email groups

DISCO lets you set up email groups, which lets you easily send to multiple people at once. You'll get prompted to set up an email group after you sent to multiple emails: 

Creating a group is easy: just give the group a name, confirm the users you want to add and click Create Group:

You can manage your groups (and create new groups) at any time in Settings > Email Groups

When you add a group when sharing, you can view who's in that group by hovering over the group: 


If you click Edit, the group members will appear in the To field, and you'll be able to edit them: 

Sending to other DISCOs

You can send to other DISCO users by either entering their email, or searching for their business name. Their business name will bring up their Team Inbox, a group inbox managed by the other business: 

If you select a user to send to who's a member of multiple DISCO teams, you'll be asked which DISCO(s) you want to send to: 

When you send to another DISCO, the recipients will be notified in-app and via email.