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How do I upload my catalogue?

You can add music to your DISCO library in a couple of ways. 

1. Drag and drop into the shortlist area

The easiest way to add files to DISCO is to drag and drop them into the shortlist area. You can drag them directly from your computer, or from iTunes:


You can also browse for files the old-fashioned way by clicking Browse. 

Note: You don't have to create or save a playlist in order to upload files. Just upload your files to the shortlist area, and once they complete, they'll be automatically added to your library. 

2. Upload using the bulk uploader

For large uploads, including the initial upload of your catalogue, we recommend using our Chrome extension bulk uploader. 


You can download the Chrome bulk uploader here. 

Using the bulk uploader is simple: just enter your DISCO url (https://mycompany.disco.ac) and then your username and password. And then select the folders you want to upload. You can pause and resume your upload at any time.

You just need to keep the uploader extension window open for the uploads to process.